The Premier Recurring Giving Platform

Harness comes loaded with features to help build, launch and grow your Subscription Philanthropy program from end-to-end. Learn how our program can help your organization cultivate new donors, increase donor retention and maximize donations for years to come!


Cultivate a New Generation

Best in class design leading to an unmatched donor experience. Learn how our activation process reduces barriers, increases conversion & can help you raise over 3x more in recurring gifts!

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Stewardship at Scale

Built for automation, to optimize your time. See how our messaging suite automatically stewards all donors that give online through gratifying text messages!

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Drive Repeat Gifts

Cutting edge fundraising technology built to boost giving. See how organizations using Harness are able to cut through the noise with fresh calls-to-action designed to encourage repeat gifts.

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Built To Elevate The Donor Experience

Designed with the latest trends in consumer behavior and the subscription economy in mind, Harness ensures your donors are met with a gratfiying giving experience from the very first click!

Tailored Approach
Red carpet treatment for one, for all!

Each donor receives a personalized donor profile, loaded with their preferred credit card and giving activity.

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Gratifying Experience
Giving should feel good. Make it that way.

Say goodbye to the “thanks-ask” and hello to the future of stewardship. Don’t worry our team is here to help!

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Personal Impact
Genuine sense of accomplishment.

Auto-generated impact reports show donors exactly where their dollars helped to move the needle.

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Always Improving

Fundraising is changing from a transactional approach to relationship first approach. We’re leading the charge!



We use bank level security protocol to secure all financial information and donations processed on Harness.


Stronger Relationships.
Less work. More donations.

What’s not to love? Join Harness!