Megan Carlson

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Megan is a fundraising specialist & culture enthusiast! She is always a shining light and is described by members of our team as "the personification of altruism". We promise you'll come away with a smile on your face whenever you speak with her!

Tips & Best Practices

Fundraising in Crisis

Best practices & examples about fundraising in crisis. In an unexpected but positive turn of events, the impact of the coronavirus has forced all donations online and into home offices across the world. Now this the BEST time to start or ramp up your online giving and Harness is here to help! 🎥👈🦸‍♀️.

April 15

Creating Great Campaigns 💸

The foundational elements of successful campaigns + examples. So you want to launch a successful fundraising campaign? Not sure where to start? Want to make sure you're implementing best practices? Look no further! We have what you need!

April 9