8 Ways to Make Giving Tuesday More Social

Jordan Patrick January 27, 2020
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Now that Giving Tuesday 2018 is over, it’s time to consider how to make Giving Tuesday more social in 2019. With its celebration of philanthropy, Giving Tuesday is a movement that every nonprofit should use to motivate donors, followers, and the fringe.

Since its inception in 2012, this social media and philanthropy phenomenon has grown rapidly from the first year of a reported $10 million given to 2018’s $380 million given.

The best part of Giving Tuesday is that it also highlights the importance of all types of giving-not just monetary donations. Nonprofits celebrate their goals, volunteers, and difference enacted.

1. Study Donations and Analytics

Using social media is imperative for every giving campaign, so it’s even more important that you study your social media analytics to make sure that your audience sees your posts. Check to see when your followers are the most active. Observe what posts gain the most engagement, shares, likes, and comments. Use this information to help you schedule out your future posts.

2. Find a Donation Match

Begin categorizing companies that might be willing to match your donations in 2019. For donors of every size, it’s exhilarating to know that your small or big gift will be doubled. The promise of having your generosity matched has bigger firepower for social media campaigns and for motivating donors.

3. Email Donations and Online Giving

Never underestimate the power of communication via email. A list of subscribers is golden. A few months before Giving Tuesday, reach out to your subscribers to find out if they would like to participate in a VIP Giving Tuesday influencer group. On Giving Tuesday, send out a few emails to update subscribers on where the giving is at in real time.

4. VIP Giving Tuesday Influencers

This group of influencers should be active on social media or have another idea of how they want to actively support your organization. You’ll provide the branded graphics, and they’ll share them. Consider special thank you gifts you can offer to this VIP group of givers, whether it’s organization paraphernalia or gift cards for select businesses.

5. Giving Tuesday Volunteer Training

Provide volunteers with training on how to maximize their influence in the months and weeks leading up to Giving Tuesday. Helpful resources include campaign timelines, templates, and graphics. Your volunteers are already invested in your nonprofit, and you should take the time to connect them in a big way to your Giving Tuesday campaign.

6. Use Video

You have a year to plan. Start developing an idea for a video that will connect with the emotions of your followers, whether its tears or laughter. When you touch someone’s emotions, you’ll often move them to give as well. Decide your goal for the video. Ask yourself why people would choose to share the video. And finally, keep it short.

7. Dialogue

Most of Giving Tuesday happens through social media. While some people just use social media as a soapbox for their messages, the individuals with the most followers are the ones who take the time to interact and dialogue with others. This means taking the time to respond to questions, leave shout outs for donations, and just interact with others.

8. Social Media Stunts

One woman asked people to give money based on how many burpees she did within in five minutes. Someone else promised to eat a fresh jalapeno if a certain amount of money was raised. People like to see other people do crazy things while benefiting a good cause.

While Giving Tuesday lives on social media in a big way, the active and tangible involvement of your community can have a big impact. Take notes from 2018, and target 2019 in a big way.

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