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Fundraising in Crisis - A Practical Guide

Megan Carlson April 30, 2020
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COVID-19 catch you off guard?


Events canceled?

In desperate need of funds to sustain your operations?

In an unexpected but positive turn of events, the impact of the coronavirus has forced all donations online and into home offices across the world. Now this the BEST time to start or ramp up your online giving and Harness is here to help! 🎥👈🦸‍♀️

While it’s natural to want to hit the brakes on your fundraising efforts & wait to see how things shake out, I encourage you to consider this wisdom from @FundraisingYoda 👇

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Now is the best time to share with your network photos & content about:

  • How your volunteers are hard at work still serving
  • How you’re ramping up supportive services for your clients & community
  • How you are meeting needs & partnering with other community organizations to do so
  • Why you exist for times like this
  • What a donor’s financial support would mean to you right now & the impact it can create
  • How easy it is for donors to support you through online giving

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Written by

Megan Carlson

Head of Happiness

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