How Change Adds Up for Non-Profits

Jordan Patrick February 12, 2019
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One of the first lessons we learn as children is that coins add up to dollars. Coins clink into piggy banks as treasured possessions, and when the right amount is present, you can buy something great from the ice cream truck. As adults, coins become a hassle-something that weighs the wallet down or clanks around in your pocket.

Some people delight in saving their coins and seeing what they can save. These money savers see their spare change add up to hundreds, sometimes even thousands of dollars. While that might be excessive for most, it’s obvious that spare change counts.

For a nonprofit, spare change can be the difference between helping another person or turning them away. While people can collect and donate spare change by setting up a jar as a catch-all for later, spare change can also be collected and donated digitally.

The Harness App partners with a number of different nonprofits that are making a positive impact in the world through the collected donations of digital spare change.

Sustainable Cambodia

Harness is proud to work with Sustainable Cambodia, an empowerment nonprofit that focuses on helping Cambodian families and villages become self-sustaining through training, schools, wells, and irrigations systems. Each village is trained and then goes to neighboring villages to pass on the education to provide economic opportunity and resources to the country. This pass-it-on mentality is helping Cambodians to improve their quality of life.

If you donate to Sustainable Cambodia through the Harness app, here’s all you need to do to make a big difference:

  • $40 pays the salary of a full-time teacher in the community preschool.
  • $50 starts the chain reaction of the village empowerment model for one village.
  • $200 — $250 pays the salary of a full-time teacher for enrichment schools.

Pace Center for Girls

Harness works alongside Pace Center for Girls, a network of centers that provide an option for girls who become involved with the justice system. Pace opens their doors to young women and offers them an opportunity for a better future through education, training, and counseling. Every year, the 19 centers that comprise Pace serve over 2,000 girls, and they have changed the life trajectory of over 37,000 since inception. Pace is free to young women, and that’s only possible through the generosity of donors.

Ronald McDonald House Charities Tampa Bay

Harness partners with the Ronald McDonald House Charities Tampa Bay, a nonprofit that provides a home for families with children fighting severe illness. The first home of this type opened in 1974 in Philadelphia, and now there are more than 300 Ronald McDonald Houses around the world. In Tampa Bay, the Ronald McDonald House is made up of four Houses, providing 80 bedrooms with private bathrooms to temporary residents. These houses serve 2,000 families annually.

Coins change lives. Harness provides nonprofit organizations with the opportunity to partner with people every day and make change possible on a global level. If you want to connect with donors and their extra change, contact us today to get started.

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