Donor Support Saves 231 Minutes

Donor Support Saves 231 Minutes

Donor Support

“Help! My credit card isn’t going through”, “I’m trying to make a donation, but my screen is blank”, “I need to make a change to my recurring donation”, “Can someone send me another receipt”, “I donated to the wrong campaign.”

Any of those sound familiar? We did the math and discovered that an astonishing 95% of questions asked by donors have to do with processing or reconciling a gift. As a true technology partner, we believe that it’s not your responsibility to address concerns like these, it’s ours. That’s why we give donors a direct line to our support team, rather than having to be re-directed through yours. We also believe that you’ve worked hard to build rapport with your donors. That’s why we strive to strengthen the relationship even further by creating a fantastic experience and leaving them with a smile.

Our partners save close to a hour per week without having to spend time diagnosing technical issues and dealing with frustrated donors. It’s our pleasure to help save your time and sanity!