91% of Donors Cover Fees

91% of Donors Cover Fees

How Covering Fees Helps

You may think that 3% isn't much until you look at it over the lifetime of your organization.

There's a reason why credit card companies make billions of dollars from the ~3% they charge in fees... it's because it really adds up over time. After years of empirical evidence and optimizing our platform to make it easy and painless for donors to cover fees, we're seeing that 91% of donors cover donation fees. Donors have reiterated that they're more than happy to give a little bit extra to help cover fees.

Stop leaving money on the table, especially when donors are more than happy to help cover those fees. You receive the intended donation amount instead of losing it to fees, and donors receive the satisfaction of knowing that your organization receives that amount. It's a win-win without your team even needing to ask since it's built into our Harness platform and can be easily customized.

Receive 100% of Intended Gift

Donors get the satisfaction knowing their intended amount is received

91% of Donors Cover Fees

91 of every 100 donors on our platfrom choose to cover fees

Small Increase for Donors

The extra amount is negligible for most donors as it's 5x less than a tip

Saves you $1,000s in Fees

That small amount adds up though over time and through the years