SmartAsk™ Increases Gifts 350%

SmartAsk™ Increases Gifts 350%

The SmartAsk is a Passive Conversion Tool to Maximize Donations

Learn how to increase revenue by automatically prompting donors to turn their one-time gift into a smaller, monthly gift.

The best part about our SmartAsk feature is that it's a win-win for both the donor and the organization. The organization receives an increase in the total donation by allowing the donor to support your cause for LESS today... but much MORE over the course of time. This helps reduce the financial burden on the donor today and instead spread a smaller donation amount over the course of time. Our SmartAsk tool provides the donor with this opportunity in a passive way in order to show your appreciation for their support with the potential for a much greater impact.

After extensive research, we found the best time, amount and verbiage to help you convert one-time donors into recurring supporters with SmartAsk™

Jordan Patrick

VP of Product

350% Increase per Year

Donors give less today but much more over the span of a year

Donors Save 72% Upfront

It's less of a financial burden to be give 28% of their intended gift today

80% Give for Multiple Years

Not only do they give more this year, they also continue to give

Time Saved on Gift Appeals

Convert donors to recurring and you'll save time asking over & over