Suggested Amounts = Big Impact

Donors don’t want to give dollars... They want to create impact


Suggested Amounts

Research in consumer behavior points to the fact that the ideal buying (donating) scenario occurs when there are clear expectations between both the buyer (donor) and the seller (your organization). So why is it that the majority of solicitations that non-profits make are for general, unspecific amounts? This is not only confusing for donors who are left wondering “how much is enough” and “will my gift even move the needle”, but also could turn them off completely if you incorrectly set your preset options too high or too low.

We’ve found that tying donation amounts to objective outcomes increases conversions while simultaneously educating donors on the programs and services that your organization provides. This is powerful as it gives decision making power back to your donor, allowing them to give based on the impact they want to provide, rather than an ambiguous dollar amount that leaves them unsatisfied, regardless of the amount.

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