Easily Showcase the Impact of Donor Contributions with Calculators

Harness Giving's Donation and Impact Calculators are powerful tools that enable nonprofit organizations to engage donors, increase transparency, and showcase the tangible impact of their donations. With our calculators, donors can easily estimate the impact of their contribution, see how their donation will be used, and gain a deeper understanding of the organization's mission. Our Donation and Impact Calculators are easy to implement and customize to your specific needs and goals, helping you take your nonprofit’s fundraising efforts to the next level and create a deeper connection with their supporters.


Donation Calculator

When donors enter their gift amount they immediately see how their contribution will make a difference, creating a sense of empowerment and encouraging them to give even more to your nonprofit.

  • Increase donor confidence: Show donors how their donation will make a difference.
  • Encourage larger donations: Illustrate to your donors how even a small increase in their donation can amount to a bigger impact.
  • implify the “ask”: Provide a clear breakdown of donation amounts and their corresponding impact.

Impact Calculator

Allow donors to enter the impact they wish to make and effortlessly show them much they need to give to achieve their goal. Our Impact Calculator lets donors set tangible goals and understand the impact of their donation, increasing engagement and your donor’s commitment to your organization's mission.

  • Build trust through transparency: Showing your nonprofit’s donors how their donations are put to work.
  • Personalization: Personalization is a powerful motivator for continued giving. Let your donors choose how their donation makes a difference.
  • Raise awareness: Educate your donors about the programs and initiatives they can support.
  • Drive engagement: Provide donors with ongoing updates on the progress and impact of your organization's work.

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