Donation History

Both your organization and your supporters can view their donation history either in the Admin Dashboard or their Donor Accounts

The Donation History feature on the Donor Dashboard enables donors to view their complete giving history and print individual donation receipts. This provides an easy way for donors to keep track of their giving and maintain accurate records for tax purposes.

To access their personal Donor Dashboard, donors can log into their account through any of your Harness fundraising pages or via the email receipts we send them.


  • Increased Transparency: Providing donors access to their donation history increases transparency and builds trust with your organization
  • Enhanced Donor Engagement: By allowing donors to view their donation history, you create an opportunity for them to engage with your organization and better understand the impact of their contributions over time
  • Simplified Record Keeping: By providing easy access to donation history, you simplify record keeping for both your organization and your donors
  • Improved Tax Reporting: Donation history can be used by donors as evidence for tax deductions, making it easier for them to report their contributions accurately to the government
  • Increased Donor Retention: Providing donors with access to their donation history shows them that you value their contributions and are committed to building a long-term relationship. This can help increase donor retention and encourage continued support for your organization's mission

Sign up for Harness Giving Fundraising Software today and start utilizing the Donor Dashboard and Donation History feature.

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