Donation Notes

Connect with Donors on a Personal Level by allowing them to leave Donation Notes

The Donation Notes feature on our donation forms allows donors to share their personal connection to your mission and express why they chose to support your cause. Offering a space for donors to provide additional context about their donation, providing you an opportunity to deepen connections with donors, gain insights into donor motivations, customize donor communications, encourage continued engagement, show appreciation for donor support, and create a more personalized donor experience.


  • Deepen donor relationships: Understand why your donors give.
  • Leverage New Insights: Apply insights from Donation Notes to personalize donor communications and fundraising strategies.
  • Encourage continued engagement: Show donors that you appreciate their support and encourage them to stay engaged with your organization.
  • Show appreciation for donor support: Use Donation Notes to express gratitude for your donors' generosity and demonstrate the impact of their support.
  • Create a more personalized donor experience: By offering the Donation Notes feature, you can provide donors with a more personalized giving experience that reflects their unique interests and motivations.

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