Donor Profiles

By providing your donors with easy to manage donor profiles, they can control their own giving!

Donor Profiles is a feature of Harness Giving fundraising software that allows nonprofits to offer their donors a personalized account to view their donation history and engagement activities with the organization. By providing donors with this feature, nonprofits can empower their donors to take control of their giving, while also freeing up time to focus on meaningful work.

By providing a range of benefits, including easy payment methods, modifying monthly or Round-Up donations, and valuable insights, Donor Profiles helps nonprofits build strong and lasting relationships with their donors.


  • Easily add and update payment methods: Donor Profiles allows donors to easily add and update their payment methods without having to go through a lengthy and complicated process. This makes it more convenient for donors to donate regularly and increases the likelihood of repeat donations
  • Turn monthly gifts on or off: The ability to manage monthly gifts is an essential feature for nonprofits.
  • View donation history: Donor Profiles provides a record of a donor's donation history. Nonprofits can use this information to analyze trends, identify areas for improvement, and target fundraising campaigns more effectively
  • Print receipts: Donor Profiles allows donors to print their own receipts for tax purposes, making it more convenient and efficient for both donors and nonprofits
  • View accumulated roundups:  Roundups are a popular donation method where donors can round up their purchases to the nearest dollar and donate the difference to a nonprofit. Donor Profiles allows donors to view their accumulated roundups and set a giving cap, which can serve as a reminder to donate again in the future
  • Access Harness’s donor support: Donor Profiles includes access to Harness's donor support, which provides assistance to donors with any questions or issues they may have. This ensures that donors receive prompt and efficient support, which can help increase donor retention.

Donor Profiles is a must-have feature for nonprofits looking to improve donor engagement and retention.

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