Events & Tickets

Our fundraising events come with everything you need to throw a great event!

Harness’s events and ticketing tool lets you create amazing events in minutes with our easy-to-use dashboard. From start to finish, we've got everything you need to throw a great event, so you can focus on your mission and raise more money for your cause.


  • Easily create events: Create an event and add a title, description, photo, location, date, time, and various ticket types, whether paid or free, all in one convenient place.
  • Maximize your reach: Let attendees share and invite others to your event.
  • Stress-free ticketing: Our automated system handling payments and sending tickets directly to attendees.

Learn more about how our Events & Tickets feature can help take your fundraising events to the next level. Take a demo with one of our Harness team members today and experience the ease and effectiveness of our platform.

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