With impact posts, you can stay connected with your donors

Harness Giving Posts are a way to share your organization's story with your supporters. They are blog-style posts that include an image or video showcasing your achievements, progress, or impact. By creating posts, you can communicate with your supporters and keep them engaged with your mission.

Types of Posts  ✍️

There are several types of posts that you can create to share your organization's impact and connect with your supporters:

  • Recent accomplishment: Share your recent success with your supporters and thank them for their contributions. For example, "Thanks to your support, we were able to host a special community event allowing us to impact 100 more people!"
  • Progress update: Keep your supporters up-to-date on your organization's progress on a project or campaign. For example, "We just completed Phase 1 of our building project - here's what we accomplished..."
  • Testimonial: Share a story about how your organization has impacted someone's life. For example, "Before receiving our services, Suzie & her family were homeless & hopeless. But with your support, they received XYZ and now have a home & a future!"
  • Fundraising update: Share facts and statistics on your cause to inform your supporters and emphasize the importance of your mission. For example, "A new study has shown 250,000 kids are food insecure in our area. To support them, we are increasing our food distribution by 25% in the next 3 months.”

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