Recurring Gifts

Convert your one-time donors into long-term supporters for cash flow you can count on

Harness helps drive recurring giving, providing your nonprofit with stable, consistent revenue. Say goodbye to chasing down donors year-after-year, freeing up your time to focus on more creative fundraising efforts.


  • Donor Centricity: Developing sources of recurring gifts lets your nonprofit focus on creating incredible donor experiences instead of chasing that next one-time donation.
  • Round-Ups: Our Round-Up technology automatically rounds up and donates every purchase your supports make  on a connected debit/credit card.
  • SmartAsk: Convert One-Time Donors into Recurring. Prompt one-time donors to give less today in order to increase their impact over time using our SmartAsk™
  • Revenue forecasts: A subscription based giving model gives you the tools to measure, analyze, and forecast your recurring revenue.

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