Stay up to date on donor activity with our reports and analytics

Keep your finger on the pulse of your donor behavior and fundraising efforts with Harness Giving’s built-in analytics and reporting. Our suite of reporting tools helps you retain and steward your donors.

  • Donation History: Easily view, filter and export donation data from our donation reports page.
  • Deposit Report: See when donations deposit into your account.
  • Recent Activity: See new donors and recent gifts.
  • Campaign Reports: Evaluate your campaign.
  • Notes & Tributes: Understand why people give.
  • Round-Ups: Watch your round-up change add up.
  • Recurring Gifts: Track monthly gifts and see who’s giving on a recurring basis.
  • Event Tickets: Track donor purchases.


  • Track fundraising progress and achieve your goals: Stay on top of your fundraising progress with real-time insights and reports.
  • Understand donor giving habits: Tailor your “ask” and fundraising strategies to meet the needs of your donors.

Discover how our reporting dashboards can supercharge your nonprofit.

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