Prompt donors to give less today in order to increase their impact over time

Our powerful fundraising SmartAsk™ tool enables non-profits to convert one-time donations into a recurring income stream effortlessly. SmartAsk™’s impact multiplier automatically prompts your donors to consider a more convenient gift that they can give on a recurring basis, leading to a 350% increase in donations over the course of a year. Experience the power of SmartAsk™ and start increasing your nonprofit's impact today


  • Increases Capacity: With SmartAsk™, nonprofits can automate the process of converting one-time donations into recurring gifts, freeing up valuable time that can be dedicated to focusing on the organization's mission rather than constantly asking for donations.
  • Boosts monthly revenue and donor lifetime value: By converting one-time donations into recurring gifts, nonprofits can see a significant increase in monthly revenue and donor lifetime value, which can help support the organization's long-term sustainability and growth.
  • Improves donor retention: By encouraging donors to give on a recurring basis, SmartAsk™ can improve donor retention rates, ensuring that supporters continue to contribute to the organization over time.
  • Encourages donors to give longer: With SmartAsk™, donors can easily upgrade their one-time donations to recurring gifts without any extra effort or inconvenience, leading to increased giving over time.
  • SmartAsk™ set-up is a breeze: It’s easy to set up and customize your SmartAsk settings to fit the needs of your organization so you can raise more and stress less.

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