Social Proof

Social Proof shows notifications of real people making donations to your organization, boosting conversions by up to 10%

Benefits of Social Proof 💬

  • Increased donor engagement: Seeing real-time donations from other supporters can create a sense of community and urgency, encouraging potential donors to give.
  • Build trust quickly: Displaying real-time donations helps build credibility and trust with potential donors, showing that others have already given and support the organization.
  • Increased conversion rates: By leveraging the power of social proof, the real-time donation pop-up can boost donation conversion rates, leading to increased fundraising success.
  • Enhanced donor experience: The real-time donation pop-up feature provides an interactive and engaging experience for donors, making the donation process more enjoyable.
  • Increased donor retention: By creating a positive and engaging donor experience, the real-time donation pop-up can help increase donor retention rates and encourage donors to give again in the future.

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