Text Messaging

Now you can reach your donors with a 92% open rate for text messages

Harness Giving Text Messaging lets nonprofits build stronger relationships with their donors, increasing engagement and boosting fundraising efforts. Our all-in-one texting platform offers features such as 2-way conversations, auto-messages, and Text2Give, making it easy for nonprofits to personalize their messages and simplify the donation process.


  • High engagement rate: With a 92% open rate for text messages, nonprofits can reach a wider audience and engage with supporters more effectively.Convenience for donors: Text message donations are quick, easy, and convenient allowing donors to support a cause with just a few taps on their mobile devices.Cost-effective: Text campaigns are typically less expensive than traditional fundraising methods, such as direct mail or telemarketing.Real-time communication: Harness Text Messages offer 2-way conversations, allowing nonprofits to communicate with donors in real-time to answer their questions and build stronger relationships.Personalized messaging: With auto-messages, nonprofits can send personalized messages to donors, saving time and money while maintaining a personal touch.Text2Give makes it easier than ever for donors to support a cause using simple keywords See Keywords Text-to-Give.

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