Recording Donations Just Got Easier

Simplify the way you keep track of donations received over the phone or in person.

Platform Benefits

Add a Donation

Make it easier for your donors to give—and for you to keep a record of it all in one place.

Donation Flexibility:

This feature allows donors to give in ways that are most convenient to them, whether that’s in person or over the phone.

Builds Your Donor Base:

Uploading their donation and their email address will help you build their profile so you can reach out to them for support again in the future.

Easy-to-Use Tool:

In just a few clicks, you’ll be all set and their donation will be recorded. (They’ll even receive a confirmation email to keep your organization top of mind.)

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All-in-One Fundraising Platform for Nonprofits

Cut through the noise and maximize your donations with our fundraising tools


Our fundraising campaigns come with donation totals, multiple ways to give, comments and more

Donation Forms

Customize your donation forms in order to make every appeal fit the fundraising needs of that specific ask

Events & Tickets

Our fundraising events come with everything you need to throw a great event - Create amazing events in minutes

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Marketing Tools

Tools you need to
Maximize Your Impact

Harness Giving's Marketing Collection Gives Your Nonprofit an Edge

Keyword Text-In

Streamline your supporters' donation experience with our Keyword Text-In feature. Set a unique keyword for quick and easy access to your nonprofit's donation page via auto-response.

Social Proof

Showcase real people making donations to your organization, building trust and increasing your conversion rates by up to 10% .

Text Messages

Connect with supporters through text messages, a channel that is highly effective and has a 92% open rate. Our text messaging tool provides a reliable and efficient way to keep your supporters informed and engaged

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Reporting Tools for Keeping Track of your Fundraising

Easily keep an eye on how your organization's fundraising is going


Keep your finger on the pulse for how effective your fundraising efforts are with our built-in analytics


Track your donations with ease using our reports for all types of donations you can receive using Harness


Watch the round-up spare change accumulate each month in the dashboard with our Round-Ups report

... And Still More!

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