A Single Plug-in Unlocks it All!

With Harness, you’ll always receive:

Best in Class Processing

We mean it. All 501(c)3 organizations enjoy a processing fee of 2.2% + 30¢, out the door!

Single Integration, Integrated once.

After integrating Harness into your site, our products will automatically update without you lifting a finger.

Harness Fundraising Playbook

A playbook of proven ways to build, launch and grow your recurring giving programs.

Admin Dashboard

A lightweight dashboard to manage your Harness campaigns, which integrates with your current CRM.

Custom Donor Profiles

Your donors will get access to a branded portal where they can manage their giving preferences.

Two-Pronged Support

Support for you, support for your donors. You focus on doing good, we’ll help keep the ship steady.

gratify features

at Scale


upgrade features



Stronger Relationships.
Less work. More donations.

What’s not to love? Join Harness!