Facebook Pixel (Tracking & eCommerce Data)

Facebook Pixel (Tracking & eCommerce Data)


Updates to our "Facebook Pixel" feature to have it track donation data standard events and provide the insights clients are looking for when using Facebook pixel for conversion tracking, retargeting, etc.

Main Use Cases

By default, the pixel will track URLs visited, domains visited, and the devices your visitors use. In addition:

1. Track Conversions (for Donations)

  • So clients can measure marketing, advertising, link effectiveness when it comes to a donor going through the whole donation flow:
  • (initiating > creating account (or guest) > adding payment source > completing donation)

Track Conversions

For Facebook's "Standard Events"

Facebook Reference Doc: ACCESS HERE

Items we are helping you track:

  • Add Payment Info
  • Complete Registration
  • Donate/Purchase
  • Initiate Checkout
  • Subscribe
  • View Page/Content